My 92 Mustang Notchback (sold)


I built a ridiculously ill 92 Mustang.  It started as a 4 cylinder Automatic. Here it sits with a FORD RACING GT40 Crate engine, Vortec Renegade Supercharger, Tremec TKO, and FORD RACING 8.8 Locking Rear setup by myself. I sold it a few years ago to a young black man who claimed to be a preacher. He paid me in singles fives and tens. In that order. It was a lot of money to count.

 The entire suspension was done with polyurethane Bushings.
 Shot of the Lakewood Bullet Proof Bell housing and Tremec TKO transmission.
 Had my rear girdle. This was before I powdercoated. Everything was two step paint.
 I made this rear seat delete and installed all the amps and whatnot.
 I also made this truck neat as hell.
That MDF was cut and finished by me.
 Vortec Renegade Supercharger.
 Custom electronics box, made out of metal.
 The jegs MAXBOX was only made for a short period of time. It was a super nice upper intake manifold.

Everything on this car, was done by me. In my home garage. The car put down just under 500 horses and was good for an easy 10 second 1/4 mile.


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