Custom Drum Rack.

Catalina, Club, Drum, Drum-set, Gibraltar, Gretsch, Mod, Rack, Zildjian

I decided that $150 a pair was way too much for two v-bars and legs. I am also unsatisfied with Gibraltar’s materials. Their tubing is extremely thin, and dents very easily. Every clamp leaves a permanent impression in the metal. Having quite a lot of experience in the automotive exhaust industry, I decided to make my own rack tubes.

The tubing itself is extremely thick. I welded the legs (Gibraltar legs are bolted) in hope for increased rigidity, which I got. The weight of the tubes also counter balances the weight of the cymbals. Its a 100% difference. The rack barely moves now, even fully loaded.  I went with a black mini-texture powder-coat finish which shouldn’t damage much if at all when clamped. It also matches the set well. Obviously the whole thing can be done in any color and the bends can be altered however needed. I kept my setup close to the Gibraltar specs. I will be adding another 12″ rack tom to the right of the set when I get the GTS mount for it. I also have a splash that needs to be put somewhere. My son photo-bombed the crap out of me here, hes really happy with the finished result.

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