1980 cm400a finishing touches

Cm400a, coil mod, commuter., custom
Well, I have to say… I know its a little bike, but I am impressed with its overall maneuverability and power. Its not by any means “slow” for a 1980 400cc motorcycle that hasn’t really been put on a diet. Its so comfortable to ride, and being from NJ a.k.a. the New Los Angeles, the automatic is super helpful in heavy traffic. I took it on the NJ Turnpike the other day and it easily cruised at time-travel speed. Btw, anything that can do “Time-Travel” speed is acceptable to me.

Now, like most older Honda Motorcycles the factory coil had the terribly rotten spark-plug wires molded into the coil. A lot of people use a GM coil from 90’s V6 vehicles, but I had other options laying around. After testing resistance, I made a super neat mount and utilized a “Big Twin” Coil from a mid 90s Harley-Davidson. The wires are from SteadFast Cycles. I’ve used them before as they have very nice parts.

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