61′ Corvair Check List…. for now. *Update 2/12/16* *Updated 2/24/16*


I promise this isnt going to become a “Corvair only” Blog. I am way to involved in too many things, but there is going to be quite a bit of Corvair related topics. So without further adieu, let me make my list of things to do…. for now.

Last night I ALMOST had it running. I decided before getting crazy and ordering parts, let me see if these carbs (which had mouse nests in them) could get the car running. I know, it seems crazy, but I grew up on a farm where engines would sit for years and then one day we’d just start them up. I vacuumed the venturies for a few seconds with a shop vac. Then I hosed the inside and outside with Castle Liquid Torch. This particular engine has mouse nests everywhere, even under the shrouds and around the cylinders. I cut the fuel line, hung a plastic lawnmower tank and had it fire a few times before the starter motor quit on me. FML.

1) Get battery. (Already done. AC DELCO 96 Civic battery, fits nice.)
2) Get it running. (Get the starter rebuilt.)
3) Remove all shrouds, clean, paint, and/or powdercoat.
4) Get some carbs. Preferably these Wolf Enterprises Performance Carbs Went with CRB in NJ
5) Acquire Tune-up parts and Tune it up. Also got some K&N filters. I also tried to clean the coil which after a media blast leaked oil so a Petronix it is.

6) Get and install a fuel tank, fuel filters, and a fuel pump. (Or try to clean out original one.)
7) Address why brake pedal went to the floor. (I heard the hiss of break fluid spraying.) Replace brakes, hoses, and bearings front and rear. (And powdercoat drums?)
8) Cut springs? and replace shocks.
9) Start repairing floor and possibly rear window rust. (Seal with Eastwood Rust Encapsulator.)
Window has been sucessfully? dealt with for the time being.

Somewhere in here, probably during the other items, I want to try to repair the front seat cushion and wrap it in Mexican blanket. I figure this can be done in the garage while its 10 degrees outside.

I also ordered tires. I went with el-cheepo West Lake RP18’s in 175/70R13. A bit small, but I need this thing to at least roll and it ain’t doing that on the flat bias-plys currently equipped. Also, added to my list.

10) Treat interior roof with some sort of rust converter and then coat with Hammerite Smooth White paint.

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