Mouse Piss vs Aluminum.

Corvair, engine cleaning., mouse damage, soda blasting
I got the engine running with the help of a new starter and battery. The starter was rebuilt by an old time armature shop here in NJ. The old ratty carbs idled just fine but they’re in terrible shape so off to Custom Rebuilt Carburetors, also a Local NJ business. I’ve used them before and they do great work. They rebuilt a 1960 Caddy Carb that no one else wanted to (or could) do. After that, I removed all the engine tins to find a really big mess.
After 3 days of soaking the corroded aluminum in PB Blaster, it looked like this: 
I decided to get a little more extreme and yanked my harbor freight soda blaster out of the shed. I have never used it before and I must say it makes quite a freaking mess. It is also quite effective. I hosed all the dust away with a hose. The slight brown that’s left is so hard that it’s like an epoxy. I can’t even scrape it with an awl. This is as good as it gets. 3 broken fins were a result of aluminum oxidation winning the battle over cast iron. Pretty amazing.

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