Open letter to people who need their car repaired.


People that bring their car to a mechanic, please follow this simple outline before deciding to have your car checked. First, if anything that is normally attached to your car, is no longer attached, most likely the repair will be extensive. There is no “patch” or “cheap” way to handle this. If you bring your car and leave it, and don’t fix it, and then don’t pick it up for days on end, there WILL be a storage charge, this isn’t a parking garage. If your car is a rolling abomination, don’t expect one repair to be the final, end all be all, singular repair that the car requires. Do not bring your car to a shop and fix it in the parking lot, this would be the equivalent of grilling burgers in a McDonald’s lot. If your car is leaking fluids and you have NO INTENTION on fixing it, please, keep driving, our lot doesn’t have built in oil absorber. Finally, don’t bring your car in if you don’t have any money. There are plenty of “backyard” mechanics that dwell in section 8 apartments that would be happy to “fix” your car for little to no cost. Yes, eventually you will have to fix it correctly at a real shop. At this point it will most likely be more expensive to un-work the previous “fix” and correctly repair the vehicle. Again if you have no money, please, keep driving.

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