Police ATV crackdown? Commonsense? (An Open Letter)

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First, let me say, I support the police but like many other professions, its just that, a profession. There are people who are terrible at their job even in government and law. I like my cops how I like everyone else, do a good job and work with the community and you have my full support in return. As a motor sports fan and supporter, animal lover, and nature dweller, I find the Police’s lack of support in this matter disturbing. I get it, kids get drunk, dump vehicles (some stolen), and probably impregnate the future bottom feeders of America in these “pits”. Honestly, I’m surprised no one has found a body in some of these places. There is also an abundance of clowns who have no idea how to ride and if that isn’t dangerous enough, they professionally lack helmets. The problem here, is that for every one jerk-off there are five people doing it right. So, here’s the question… If I have a registered and insured vehicle capable of off road activity and you’re going to patrol these areas anyway, why not just let me (the people) ride? Use a little good judgement and let the people who are respecting the areas be. Treat it just like you would the beach, or even a campground. You can’t tell me for one second that there are complaints from people out in Lakehurst or rural Jackson. Most of these “pits” and trails are no where near people or their houses. Ask anyone who rides about when they get separated from a group. Its very hard to locate the group from the sound of their muffler. These bikes are seemingly loud when you’re right next to them or even in an open space, but throw in a few trees and the sound dissipates rapidly. There is NOWHERE to legally ride in NJ except for MX tracks, and all we’re looking for is trail riding. Now, that being said, how do you ticket someone for trespassing on private property without the owner formally filing a complaint? So basically as a LEO, you can just decide to write a trespassing ticket anywhere and everywhere? Let’s address the other big part of this, how many “professional courtesies” will take place over this crackdown? I know a lot of officers who have ATVs, dirtbikes and the like. I also know that they 100% ride the same areas we do. Finally, you’re not going to “dissuade” everyone. The law abiding, day job having, family oriented, group who just likes to get after it once a month or so that I speak of may back down, but what about the other group? Like everything else in this country right now, we need to stand up for our rights, so that the liberal agenda doesn’t have us all sucking our mommy’s tit at the age of 30. This whole issue is just discrimination like any other. At a time where everyone is so hurt feelings over everything, how about our feelings? If you’re reading this, I urge you, GET OUT AND RIDE! WEAR A HELMET! CONSERVE THE RIDING AREA! DONT BE A DOLT! AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, KNOW YOUR RIGHTS.

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