Another Drum Rack is underway.

Drum rack, drums, Gibraltar, Gretsch, homemade, sit
Nothing against Gibraltar hardware, or any other company. As a matter of fact I’m using Gibraltar clamps, but I’ve noticed the tubing wall thickness on the racks is quite thin. I know, they’re made for easy mobility, but I’m not mobile. I have a basement studio, and my drums never move. My setup changes a bit, but the foundation doesn’t. The previous rack I made is so sturdy that you could run into it and it ain’t moving. So in my drum booth I have a lot of stands. They get in the way, they move, and the chrome gets dirty. So I’ve produced a semi octagon, with 4 legs. The tubing is .055″ wall. The design is simple and meant to take the place of my stands, nothing more. It’s all getting finished in a silver vein Powdercoat. 
Here’s the before shot.
Some would say the welded “t” legs are a disadvantage, but they are solid. There is no chance of the leg getting wobbly. Each leg is 3′ total. Designed to clear my bass drum by just a bit. More pics to follow….
Here it is partially assembled.
And the finished product: 

And now I added my timbales.

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