Apple! Hear our Cries!

APPLE, ios, ios 10, ios 9.3.4, jailbreak
Ok. iOS 9.3.4 is here. They already stole “f.lux” a few releases ago, among other things. As a matter of fact, it seems as though ever since Steve Jobs passed, Apple relies on the jailbreak community to come up with new features for them. Jailbreaking is filled with really useful apps and tweaks. Some of it is crap, but most of it really makes the iPhone what it SHOULD be. The iPhone is a great device, as is the iPad, but some really basic (but important) things are left out. The first thing I install once jailbroken are the two programs of the 5. These make your dock, and icons 5 across. This HUGE feature makes so much more space on the springboard. Honestly, Apple should make it so the folders, icons, and dock are completely customize-able. What’s the big deal here? Second thing I install is iCleaner, which does exactly what it sounds like, and it really works well. The rest of the apps are for emulation of games, and file browsers. Maybe these pose “security” concerns, so fine, I’ll live without them, although maybe make emulated games available on the app store? I don’t like the security risks posed by jailbreaks, but I’ll do it just for the 5’s. Seriously. 

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