I crapped my pants on the way home from grabbing 3 more Wings.

Bagger, Bring a trailer, GL1100, goldwing, Goldwing 1100, Roadwing.
So lets talk about the crazy thing that happened…
Somewhere in this mess is a 79 GL1100 and a 80~ Gl1100. In the bed of my truck is an 82 Gl1100 Interstate. All three engines are free, and the 82 has a title.
When we got home the trailer gate was down and we followed a trail down the road of Goldwing parts, so thats lovely.
No brakes, but I still managed to unload all three by myself. Father-in-law just had heart surgery, and although he tried, I wouldn’t let him help.
There are 2 bags of accessories and the gentlemen who sold me the lot said if he finds more parts hell call me.
The whole idea he is a GO ANYWHERE (distance wise) bike and so I think I’m going to build the 82 into a partially naked bagger.

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