1982 GL1100i (Naked) Single Carb Conversion.

34 Pict-3, Bagger, GL1100, goldwing, Goldwing 1100, Goldwing interstate, Honda, Single Carb, Single Carb Conversion, Solex
I received my Solex (Clone) 34 PICT-3 and intake from singlecarbconversions.com and the overall quality is great. I’ve rebuilt quite a few racks of carbs, but for the GL I wanted to experiment a bit. Its not that I couldn’t rebuild the GL assembly, but that I wouldn’t. The install was easy, and although I could have made this intake myself, it was nice to rely on someone else’s craftsmanship for once. I assume the gentleman who made it has a jig setup because everything was spot on. The time invested in making a jig and then the intake wouldn’t be worth it in the end. I got a small filter with a barb for the breather and powder-coated over the cheap chrome. Initially the bike starts up and idles great, even cold. As it warms up, the engine seems to load up with gas and get a bit choppy. I think it just needs to be leaned out a bit. It seems to ride ok. I’ll figure out the tuning when its not 20 degrees outside.

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