New Wheels and Tires

1961 Corvair Monza 700, Uncategorized

What I’m trying to do – run 14″ steel rims with 66 impala SS Tribar hubcaps (for sentimental reasons).

Factory wheels are 13″ and tires are getting increasingly harder to find.

Here are some really good facts on Corvair Wheel Size.

Corvair Flywheel Rattle turned clutch job.

1961 Corvair Monza 700, Uncategorized
 A feint rattle became a monstrous knocking, and thats when I knew it was time to buy a bolted flywheel from Clarks. So out with the powerpack.
After it was out and I was awaiting parts I removed all the old rubber engine to body seals. Best way I found was to lightly grind all the staples. When the parts arrived I riveted the new seals in.
 The old clutch was oil covered and was worn through the rivets. Strange though, the car drove fine. The pressure-plate has stress fractures in it and the flywheel was extremely loose.
 Found this beauty while inspecting the transmission for a slight second gear grind.
Clarks sent the wrong pressure plate and so I’m still waiting. They are making good on it though.