1977 cb550 straight 4 into 2 exhaust. (Baffles removed.)

1977 honda, cb550, exhaust, straight pipes
Baffles rattling? Rip em out! My left baffle was rattling very badly. There was no way to get to it because of the turn out on the end of the pipe. This caused me to cut the ends off with a pipe cutter and while I was in there, rip out the baffles. Then I welded the ends back on but turned down a bit more. I like the way it sounds. It is loud, but I ride with a bunch of Harley’s with straight pipes. It feels more powerful this way as well even without a rejet, although it was already jetted for a fuller flowing exhaust.

1975 cb550 minimal turbo build. *It runs.*

1975 cb550, 1975 cb550 turbo, cb550, turbo
Got some spigots (or whatever you want to call them) made by my friend at a machine shop.
Made up this exhaust header. It’s 1.5 – 1.75″ to the turbo. Then I wrapped it up real well because its close to my leg.
Made these flanges from 3/8″ mild steel and a chain slider from an old cutting board. Then I made 1″ runners and a 2.5″ plenum. Powdercoated to match. My buddy at the machine shop made me a send and return fitting for the oil.
 Here it is with the t15 turbo and Keihin PE38 carb mounted up. My friend Dan made me that awesome Parker feed hose.
 K&N filter I snagged on ebay for 9$.
 I yanked this old heat shield (which was VERY rusty) off of a 1980 Ford Granada. I welded a hose clamp to it. It cleaned up really well.
The original kickstand had been repaired. Somehow someone broken it right in the middle. It was cracking again, so I ground it all down, welded it, and then even added that piece of re-enforcement steel. I may as well use a ball-peen hammer as a kickstand. I also added a heightened base because the bike is higher than stock. I also, used Caswell tank liner in the tank. The whole tank was baked for the powdercoat so the inside was chemical free and dry. Still waiting for the sealer to cure.