Got a Scout… Immediately made fishtails.

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Staggered fishtails.
Parts list:
34$ 30″ Amazon Fishtails.
Kromeworks 12″ Baffles (which basically do nothing.)
DEI header wrap.
I reused the accuseal clamps that came of the factory mufflers.
Really all I had to do was kick one pipe over a bit so I could overlap and stagger them.
Sounds Great.

Corvair Equal Length Big Bore exhaust.

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I’m an exhaust guy. Its what I do. It would not benefit me in anyway to leave the exhaust on the corvair alone. Not only is the pipe that’s on there restrictive, it was only meant to be temporary anyway.  I wanted to try my hand at something equal length, and larger bore. Nothing crazy. I had this dynomax muffler laying around so I blasted it and powder-coated it that zoomies purple color. I also had a v-band clamp and flanges and figured it would be nice to be able to quickly remove the muffler to do valve adjustments and whatnot. The system still starts at 1.5″ because I do not have flanges that work for the 1.75″ pipe. This is fine for me though as its only an 80hp model. If I had the right flanges I could make the complete primary tubes 1.75″. The “y” pipe, or collector is 2″ into 2.25OD which then goes into a 2.5″ bend which is realistically still only 2.25″ in the radius and into the muffler. The primary tubes fit snugly into the 2″ and all is welded. The muffler outlet and tail is 2.25″. At no point, other than the immediate entrance to my “atomic header” is the diameter less than 1.75″ ID.
Here’s what came off…
Here are my supplies.
My fabbed collector.
Starting to get an i dea of what the hell I was doing.
The plan continues to come together.
One solid serpent.
Some of that good VHT stuff.
On the car.
Shamless Holesaw.
In truth it sounds very similar to what it did before, but it definitely breathes better. It almost like someone was standing on its chest and now it just flows really well. There is a significant gain in the higher rpms. The major thing here is that with the suspension completely unloaded the swing arm will hit the pipe. I had to tuck it up high enough so the bottom crossover is still the lowest point. I like it! A LOT.

1977 cb550 straight 4 into 2 exhaust. (Baffles removed.)

1977 honda, cb550, exhaust, straight pipes
Baffles rattling? Rip em out! My left baffle was rattling very badly. There was no way to get to it because of the turn out on the end of the pipe. This caused me to cut the ends off with a pipe cutter and while I was in there, rip out the baffles. Then I welded the ends back on but turned down a bit more. I like the way it sounds. It is loud, but I ride with a bunch of Harley’s with straight pipes. It feels more powerful this way as well even without a rejet, although it was already jetted for a fuller flowing exhaust.